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Our Facilitator, Coach & Specialist Community

Introducing Our Family of Leaders

Ipek Serifsoy, PhD.

Founder of WLC, Master Facilitator and Coach

Ipek is a bridge between the practical and changing worlds of business. Her multidisciplinary background enables her to relate to traditional business perspectives while introducing clients to more innovative thinking, preparing them to embrace new possibilities on an ever-changing terrain.  (Read more)

Lara Heller

Master Facilitator and Coach

Lara is an executive and life coach. Her clients span a broad range of industries including biotech, finance, government, technology and education. These men and women have started companies, are Vice Presidents at large software and hardware enterprises, run product lines, manage specialty services… (Read more)

Pam Johnson

Program Facilitator and Coach

As a result of working with Pam, people who desire real transformation go from feeling powerless and experiencing a restlessness in their life to busting through autopilot patterns
that hold them prisoner and journey toward an empowered, deeply connected, penthouse version of their precious life…(Read more)

Lauren Streb

Program Facilitator and Coach

Lauren is a leadership and life coach who believes that truly transformative personal work is not about changing who you are; it is a process of loosening the grip of beliefs and habits that have obscured the real you. She teaches corporate leaders a new approach to personal development that is… (Read more)

Renee Dineen

Program Facilitator and Coach

Renée is a highly accomplished and internationally known coach, consultant and facilitator with a proven track record working both inside and outside organizations. She has strong business acumen with domestic and international experience including 5 years living and working overseas with… (Read more)

Carole Henmi

Program Coach

In today’s increasingly complex and challenging world, Carole serves as a guide to enable leaders to successfully navigate the demands of their careers, while experiencing deeper satisfaction and wellbeing in their lives. As an executive coach and leadership consultant since 2001, she combines… (Read more)

Valerie Villiger-McNeill

Program Coach

Valerie is an experienced Organizational Development Consultant and Coach who facilitate transformational learning, innovation and change for leaders, teams and organizations. Using an integral and systems coaching approach she supports clients to explore new perspectives and… (Read more)

Katie Gay

Program Coach

Katie Gay is a coaching and development professional who fosters effective and powerful leadership skills, guiding her clients toward deeper fulfillment and exceptional performance. With over 20 years of coaching, sales, public relations and entrepreneurial experience… (Read more)

Jill DePompei-Morales

Organizational Intervention Specialist

Jill is a seasoned coach, HR and organizational development professional. She is known for her utmost ability to build trust quickly and for gently disrupting the status quo. She achieves this by creating a safe space for her clients to cultivate their heart’s desire through curiosity and compassion. (Read more)

Mary Dilts

Voice Specialist

Mary Dilts is a professional actor, producer and vocal coach. Her career experience has inspired her passion for relational, creative and connected communication. She is committed to empowering others through the discovery and understanding of the power of their vocal expression. (Read more)