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Learn the details regarding the individual WLC sessions.
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WLC Session Descriptions

By knowing our truly authentic selves and showing up with greater attunement to our own deeper intelligence as well as to others and the world around us – we become stronger leaders. Our leadership is fueled by many increased capacities including: more robust engagement, resilience, well-being, creative thinking and problem solving, enhanced communication, building critical relationships, developing others in powerful new ways and addressing complex situations with innovative thinking. The following process supports our personal journey to this place.

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Click on the session titles to learn more about each session and how it will support you in your leadership journey.

Launching Our Circle

Embodiment of the Circle & Calming the Mind

In this session we set the foundation by learning about the core elements of being in circle and other unique underpinnings of this leadership program. Some of these foundational and transformational elements include: mindfulness, wholehearted engagement, personality/ego structures and our counter-intuitive approach to change. We introduce the concept of working with our inner experience and the Enneagram as a guide for illuminating our deeper motivations, needs and our personal growth journey. (Back to top)


Discovering What’s Below the Surface

Inner Critic & Somatic Intelligence

In this session we begin learning about our individual inner critics: the inner dialogue and messages they send us as well as the constrictive emotional and somatic impacts they have on us. We also begin learning about “felt sense” and how information is received through the three centers of intelligence (calm mind, open heart and contact with body sensations). This enables us to begin experiencing a new way of being and engaging with the world around us through practices of presence and deeper intelligence. (Back to top)


Excavating Deeper

Wisdom of the Heart

In this session we begin moving into greater wholeness by working with the wisdom of the heart. We discover how to awaken and listen to the intelligence of our hearts. We begin tuning into the language of the heart and how to skillfully work with emotions and feelings. We also learn how the heart can provide us with courage and resilience in addition to knowing our truth and a sense of identity more authentic than our personality/ego can provide. (Back to top)


Glimpsing Our Inner Brilliance

Our More Authentic Self

This session begins an exploration of the feminine and masculine principles and qualities that exist within all people – women and men – and how we can restore balance to these qualities both within ourselves and in the various ecosystems we’re a part of. 

Building upon the first three sessions where we gained greater awareness of our constrictive patterns and tendencies, this session also begins preparing us for drafting our personal leadership visions based on our deeper authenticity and purpose. (Back to top)


Embodying Our True Essence

Our Unique Purpose

In this session we move more fully into Presence and the capacity to attune to our mental, emotional and somatic experience in the moment. Working with various prompts and feedback from others in the circle, we begin seeing and embracing our unique expansive sense of self. We make contact with the “felt sense” of our more powerful authentic self and it expression. It is from this place that we will compose our Personal Leadership Visions during the final month ahead. (Back to top)


Articulating Our Personal Leadership Vision

Our Inner Role Model to Guide Us Through Life’s Impermanence

This session provides us with the opportunity to be witnessed by our cohort sisters in presenting our personal leadership vision statement and to receive their reflections on how these statements speak to our  gifts, mission and contribution. We explore and commit to next steps on our WLC development path and how we will bring this work into the various worlds we live in. (Back to top)