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WLC’s Unique Process, Structure & Impact


The WLC 6-month cohort experience is a hybrid between a women’s circle* and a leadership development program. Based on the principles of ‘Circle Work’ and heavily informed by the models and methodologies of the Deep Coaching Institute, the WLC journey takes participants on an innovative (and fun) inside-out quest. We meet six times as a group for a full day. Engagement between meetings includes individual 1:1 coaching with a WLC coach, peer-to-peer coaching between participants and additional experiential coursework for further exploration and personal impact.

As neuroscience now confirms, 98% of what drives us is unconscious. With this in mind we have designed WLC to be a highly experiential and theoretically sound process that enables participants to skillfully work with this powerful unconscious territory.

We work with the Enneagram as a lens to illuminate our interiority. This ancient tool of discovery helps to bring visibility to the subtle inner tendencies that keep us constricted. It also enlightens us to our strengths and essential selves that have gotten buried in our desire to fit in, belong and be valued. We work with mindfulness and contemplative practices to heighten our self-awareness and ability to self-observe thus allowing more choicefulness in moments of reaction – when our old habitual systems try to dominate. Also, infused into our approach is Ipek’s original material related to The Leader’s Muse (TM) as a way to awaken and leverage the capacity to experience ourselves and the world around us in fresh ways and thus engage with each unfolding moment with fuller consciousness.

Ultimately this work is about coming into greater Presence with ourselves, others and situations that arise. Building the capacity for Presence entails activating, balancing, and engaging our three centers of intelligence: The still clear mind, the warm open heart, and the vital grounded body. It is when these centers are all awakened and aligned that we can practice true Presence, which in turn enables us to respond to situations with wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. Furthermore, because of the contagious and far-reaching effects of Presence, this quality enables us to generate collective wisdom in organizations and other ecosystems we belong to.

To learn more about each of uniquely designed cohort sessions, click here.

* A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and seen, and come into contact with their deeper truth. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to raise consciousness, support empower and learn from each other and share wisdom.


By knowing our truly authentic selves and showing up with greater attunement to our own deeper intelligence as well as to others and the world around us – we become stronger leaders. Our leadership is fueled by many increased capacities including: more robust engagement, resilience, well-being, creative thinking and problem solving, enhanced communication, building critical relationships, developing others in powerful new ways and addressing complex situations with innovative thinking. The process above supports our personal journey to this place. To learn more about each of uniquely designed cohort sessions to guide this journey, click here.

Through fully participating in the WLC, you will leave the program with the ability to:

  • Live and lead more authentically.
  • Attain clarity about your personal leadership identity, purpose and goals.
  • Build or make clearer your own leadership presence.
  • Bring original and innovative thinking and voice to organizational demands and opportunities.
  • Increase confidence to influence the challenges of working in dynamic environments.
  • Foster appreciation for inclusive values in the workplace such as collaboration, compassion, and communication.