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“The WLC was an incredible journey of self-exploration and self-understanding. I was a bit of a skeptic of the WLC when I first entered the program but with further exposure to Ipek’s techniques and insights I have seen tangible changes in my sense of self and I now have a more fully crystallized leadership vision.”

“The WLC has been a unique leadership program – unlike the more didactic programs to which we are more typically exposed, I have been able to more fully incorporate and put to use the skills that I have gained. As a result, the program has been the most effective at inducing long lasting improvements in my leadership approach.”

“WLC is an oasis that is expanding to become a sea of women that are deeply connected to their gifts, values and desire for how they want to lead powerfully in every aspect of their lives. We are learning to put ourselves at the center and in so doing are sowing the seeds of societal transformation.”

“The WLC at its core is about the human condition and being a woman, mother and leader. Sharing with my cohort members was so insightful because no matter the differences in our background, we all struggle with the same issues.”

“I am astonished by how much all the women in my circle have grown and achieved a powerful sense of their unique leadership vision.”

“The WLC session has empowered me to be more confident and present in the moment, allowing me to connect more with my team and peers to enhance my leadership skills. I was able to tap into what is truly important to me and focus on bringing that forward in my personal and professional life.”

“WLC  has been transformative for me in becoming a better leader. It has awakened an understanding of my strengths as an emotional leader and how to bring emotion / passion into the workplace.”

“WLC is a very insightful series of coaching sessions. Being more prepared and open-minded to each session will get you more.”

“Joining WLC has provided a safe environment to discuss, develop and share leadership experiences.”

“Being part of WLC has been an amazing experience. It has allowed me to better understand my own strengths, skills, and emotions, and leverage these as unique opportunities to lead teams, develop myself, develop others and show up as a grounded authentic female leader. In addition WLC has connected me with many truly outstanding women in a safe, open and instantly trusting environment that made us all share easily and develop fast and lasting connections.” – Christiane , VP Medical Affairs, Biotech Company

“I joined a WLC group because I wanted help and guidance with a professional transition. I left with so much more. With the help of this Circle, I left with: a written description of what I need in my next job, a commitment to forming personal circles with other women in my lives (these have given me inspiration and expanded my sense of connectedness in life), and a stronger ability to know what I need and to ask for it in my relationships — work and personal. I am a better person because of my experience with WLC.” – Kim Weiss, Founder and CEO Technology Company

“Through my experience with WLC, I become more comfortable with who I am as a leader and how I want to be with my teams. As a more authentic leader, I am able to be venerable and openly show how much I care to my team. As a result, they can be their best and deliver results beyond what we thought possible.” – Rebecca Vermeulen, Head Medical Liaison, Biotech Company

“I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to find meaning in their life and work beyond achievements. Bring your full self to this program and siscover your deeper, greater self. You will have a transformational experience as a woman leader.”

“The WLC program will give you a better understanding of yourself from the inside-out. It will also help you empathize with those on your team in a much deeper and more nuanced way.”

“Trust in the journey – it can be transformational if you are open to it. You will learn about your tendencies, understand you have other options, be more present, and bring more authenticity to your leadership – which will enrich your career satisfaction as well as your team’s satisfaction.” – Debora, Sales Director, Foundation Medicine

“The WLC program was an incredible journey in discovering who I am, what my gifts are and how to make an impact both personally and professionally using these gifts.”

“WLC provides a unique opportunity to learn about yourself in a safe and supportive environment. The process of the sessions provided a leadership journey that was specifically likened to my challenges. I am excited to start my journey as a better self.”

“I highly recommend the WLC for any female leader interested in gaining a deeper understanding of her essential self, to become an even more authentic leader.”