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Taming the Inner Critic


What is the Inner Critic?

The inner critic is a depleting and insidious part of our inner consciousness that likes to go unnoticed and drive us to follow its agenda. Often unconscious, it plays us by messaging that we’re not good enough. Using a critical and vicious  voice it aims to influence our thoughts and actions based on its untrue sense of reality. Also known as our super ego, the inner critic arose early in our psychological development with the intent to protect us and ensure we were valued and loved. However, as we move into adult life, its outdated advice prevents us from fully expressing our most authentic and best self.

The inner critic works differently for people with different personality structures – sometimes it deflates us, sometimes it inflates us, and sometimes it seems invisible. In some cases, it is very overt and in others less so. Whatever the case, whether we are aware of its presence or not, the inner critic depletes us while causing us to see a distorted picture of reality.

Left unchecked the inner critic can be very slippery and manipulative. We cannot rationalize with the inner critic, nor can we befriend it or eradicate it. Taming the inner critic requires working with counterintuitive processes and methodologies to circumvent its negative impact.

About the Workshop

In this informative and highly experiential three-hour session, participants learn about their own inner critic and develop strategies for taming it.

In the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about their own inner critic by reviewing the results of a short assessment completed before the workshop.
  • Work with somatic practices to understand how the inner critic shows up in their body sensations so they can notice and more skillfully work with the inner critic in real time.
  • Recognize the nuanced emotional experience of an inner critic attack so they can diffuse this impact as it arises.
  • Understand the mental experience – the thoughts, feelings and judgments – associated with an inner critic attack to unhinge from it in its earlier stages before it becomes more powerful.
  • Develop self-observation techniques to move into a more objective relationship with the inner critic.
  • Learn various antidotes for gaining freedom from the inner critic.
  • Create a clear and customized strategy for taming their inner critic.

Program Price


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Ipek Serifsoy:  ipek@isconsultingco.com+1-415-305-9184