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RENÉE DINEEN, Facilitator and Coach



Renée is a highly accomplished and internationally known coach, consultant and facilitator with a proven track record working both inside and outside organizations. She has strong business acumen with domestic and international experience including 5 years living and working overseas with Roche Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland. She coaches and advises Vice Presidents and Director level executives to lead in more integrated and meaningful ways and expand their abilities to leverage both the collective and individual capacities within teams. With a deep expertise in team facilitation and team dynamics, she is known for her ability to create meaningful group experiences that align leaders, teams, functions and strategies to build new and more strategic organizational capabilities.

Renée has designed, implemented and led dozens of large-scale HR, leadership, and change transformation programs in every area of the business and across highly matrixed, global landscapes. Through experience and experimentation, she has learned how to harness the power of community to inspire change and enrich organizations and teams at all levels. As a result, several of her change interventions and leadership programs have been benchmarked by organizations such as the Corporate Executive Board and Process Excellence Network.

Renée has a MS degree in Organizational Psychology, is a certified Integral Coach and is educated and skilled to work with a variety of development tools and methodologies. Leveraging research on leadership, neuroscience, mindfulness and human dynamics, she provides useable and repeatable frameworks and practices that inspire clients to engage more authentically, compassionately and consciously–even in the midst of conflict, complexity and change.

In October 2015, Renée achieved an important life goal by launching her own coaching and consulting practice out of California. In her free time, she and her family are fueled by their passion for travel, which includes 44 countries and counting. Inspired by these experiences, Renée is writing a book she hopes will expand some of the limiting paradigms that keep parents from traveling with children. Her blog on the topic can be found at To learn more about Renée, click here.