The Soulful Way of Life by Ipek Serifsoy |
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The Soulful Way of Life


“Every day, the heart keeps beating and the lungs keep breathing. Likewise the endless practice of bringing our souls into the world lets us keep unfolding.”
~ Mark Nepo

Lately I’ve been reading a lot from Mark Nepo, the poet and spiritual teacher who has touched millions with his exquisite writings. Mark elaborates on the above quote from his book The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born To Be by saying:

It’s a limitless journey of coming alive, which entails the messy, joyous, unfathomable drama of being human.

I suspect every single person reading this article can relate – that at this moment somewhere in our lives we are facing challenges and obstacles along with wonder, joy and love.

When we approach our lives with the understanding that whatever happens, if we are honest, compassionate, and curious about it – if we have the capacity to see our pain and suffering while also delighting in the wonders of life – then we step into wholeness. This wholeness is sustenance for our souls.

Whatever our current life might look like – whether we are a stay-at-home parent, a senior executive, an artist, a professional athlete, a student or engaged in another focus and purpose, we can practice being a gardener of our soul. Mark Nepo describes the need to

discover how to put down our old protections and stop interfering with the life-force that wants to open us like a flower.

Doing this results in a soulful way of living where we can keep our hearts, minds and instincts open to fully participate in life; to fully immerse ourselves in life.

At the Deep Coaching Institute we call this presence. Our work is committed to helping ourselves and one another cultivate presence so that we may live the soulful life.

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by Ipek Serifsoy