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This program is a response to the growing complexity and challenges surrounding women’s advancement into senior leadership positions. The internal and external barriers that women have to navigate are coming at a great cost. Tackling this pervasive issue requires a deeper and more novel approach.

Women’s Leadership Circles 2.0 Alumni Program

San Francisco Bay Area, 2018

A Creative Collaborative Leadership Journey for Women

red_quote_open_20px A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.
But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. red_quote_close_20px

– Melinda Gates

The Women’s Leadership Circles Alumni (WLC 2.0) program supports women in accessing dormant inner resources, the resources that lie beneath conditioned habitual personality/ ego patterns, to get to their deeper strengths. It employs a variety of innovative methodologies conducive to women’s ways of knowing, learning and being. Given participants’ previous experience with the WLC methodologies, we are able to drop in faster and deeper into continuing our transformative journey. We build upon learnings in the original program by reinforcing the muscles built there while introducing new practices and concepts to elicit our most authentic and best selves.

Participants will build on their work with the Enneagram, from the first WLC program, continuing to gain insights to guide them toward a more integrated life. This will be done through immersive experiences at creative meeting locations to evoke the aesthetic sensibilities. The program will end with a 2-day retreat, held in Mill Valley, CA, where participants will create a Leadership Soul Collage as a culmination of their work in the WLCA program.

Working together as a cohort group for an extended time enables participants to imagine new possibilities for how to show up as leaders. Through the support of the group, 1:1 coaching, small peer group meetings, social activism projects and a unique program design, participants discover new ways of engaging in wholehearted leadership to transform both their personal work experience and the contribution they make to their organizations.



  • Gain deeper self-awareness.
  • Become freer from their “inner critic.”
  • Discover their unique ‘genius’ – the primal creative urge that we are born with and that is the source of our genuine passion.
  • Become a more wholehearted leader with the courage and inner clarity to take risks.
  • Awaken their creativity to respond with a wider and wiser array of choices.
  • Become stronger advocates within their ecosystems to promote heightened awareness about, and new solutions to, unconscious bias and other hindrances to gender diversity.



  • Occurs over a 6-9 month period (depending on the collective availability of cohort members)
  • Includes 5 cohort half-day meetings and a 2-day retreat at the end of the program
  • Includes individual hour-long coaching sessions with Ipek throughout the program- a total of six hours of 1:1 coaching
  • Facilitated monthly peer coaching sessions
  • Has weekly short assignments and postings on a private Facebook group page
  • Is limited to five participants



Half-day meeting dates and times to be determined by cohort. Meetings to be held in various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area with the first meeting in November and ending with a 2-day retreat in Mill Valley, CA.

PROGRAM PRICE:  $6950.00 per participant.

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To learn more about this program please contact:

Ipek Serifsoy:  ipek@isconsultingco.com+1-415-305-9184