The Essence of Deep Coaching by Ipek Serifsoy |
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The Essence of Deep Coaching

Why does Deep Coaching Institute exist? Why are we so committed to this approach to coaching? Why are our hearts engaged so completely?

Recently we went through the process of updating our website. In conversation after conversation of rigorous reflection, we were able to distill our “why” down to a simple realization:

what we want for ourselves and the world is a quality of being that enables us to fully partner with emergence.

Deep Coaching work entails developing the capacity for true Presence. For us this means activating and balancing our three centers of intelligence: a clear still mind, an open receptive heart, and an attunement to our body sensations. The capacity for Presence enables us to sense into the subtle truth of what’s unfolding freshly moment by moment – both within and around us. It guides us to what wants to authentically be expressed by us in each fresh new moment. We realize that life is really a dance as each step we take – moment by moment – leads to fresh new realities that can only been seen through the lens of Presence.

Participating in this way with life’s continuous evolution – and helping our clients do this too – is at the core of the Deep Coaching work. It is a deeply creative process requiring much courage, trust, and commitment. The path to Presence is also very counterintuitive given our training in how to ‘do life’.

by Ipek Serifsoy