Returning to Our Center by Ipek Serifsoy |
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Returning to Our Center

We were made for these times.~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Covid19 is thrusting us into a radically new era – and it’s doing so at lightening speed. At a global level things are changing daily, both behaviorally and emotionally. We logically and intuitively know things will never go back to ‘normal’ in the sense of the way things were before. Yet we don’t know what the new world will look like. Certainty and control have been ripped away from us. As bad as it sounds, in many ways this can be a marvelous thing!

But right now, things are very disorienting. Our minds are spinning and our nervous systems are frayed. These are times where staying centered is more important than ever – both for dealing with the current hurricane winds and for preparing for what’s ahead.

In the midst of social distancing and isolation, in the midst of a slowdown of our habitual busyness, in the midst of old structures falling away, there is an opportunity to incorporate contemplation and rest into our lives.

There is an opportunity to reset our autopilot ways of being in and experiencing the world.

By returning to our center in the midst of this unprecedented and stressful time, we can build new neural pathways that will serve us both in weathering the dramatic changes we’re now experiencing and in gearing up for what’s ahead. We are standing on the precipice of a threshold – one where, on a global scale, we can build capacities to advance humankind into a new consciousness.

Returning to our center can occur with simple activities and a shift in our attention. By moving our energy from outer-oriented to inner-oriented, we can gently bring ourselves to reconnect with our still strong center – a core that lies within, awaiting us.

This strong center was made for times like these!

This center knows how to surf on tsunami-size waves. It knows how to meet each moment, no matter what the moment brings, with an open heart, a clear mind and an attunement to our true instincts.

To awaken our strong center, here are some basic everyday things we can do:

Nature Walks – Get fresh air and get your body moving to commune with nature. While doing this bring your full attention to the elements you’re among. Imagine that the world is enchanted – trees, rocks, insects, critters, breeze, sunshine, etc., all have a special intelligence beyond our understanding. Visit with these fellow beings during your walk.

Hobbies – Reconnect with hobbies you once loved but were too busy for before. Make art, cook, knit, listen to music, play an instrument, garden – whatever you’ve been wishing you had more time for, now’s the time.

Stay Connected – Enjoy the time with your housemates, call family and friends to check-in, say hello to your neighbors (or sing to them from your balcony). Stay virtually connected with communities that feed your soul.

Contemplative Practices – Meditate, read or write poetry, write in your journal, lay out your mat and practice yoga, sit in your garden and listen to the birds, feel the breeze, notice the beauty. Quiet your mind, listen to your heart and your body.

These practices will help us not only ride out the changes to our daily lives, they will prepare us for what’s ahead.

We are at a turning point. Evolutionary forces are hurling us into a new world that has yet to appear.

Our job is not to know what’s coming but rather to build up capacities to show up fully, wholeheartedly, with intelligent action, and grace; hour-by-hour and day-by-day.

Let us use this time to return to our center.

With Love,