Presence - Today's Most Important Medicine by Ipek Serifsoy |
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Presence – Today’s Most Important Medicine

“If we view ourselves as separate from others, with unconscious tendencies shaping our worldview, there is truly nothing authentic guiding us.”

~ Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature.

The past five months has challenged humankind in ways never before experienced in our lifetimes or perhaps ever before in recorded human history. While what lies ahead is unknown, we can rest assured that a massive collective transformation is underway. Some are calling this The Great Turning or Great Awakening – where we are embarking upon a shift in individual and collective consciousness toward greater community, interconnectedness, compassion and equality. Indeed, this seems quite plausible, and I for one am rooting for this scenario!

Whether this is what’s upon us or something else, this is undoubtedly a time of great disorientation, and of both crisis and opportunity.

During this period of awaiting what’s ahead to become more visible while in the meantime showing up for our lives one day, one moment at a time, it is critically important to find a way to connect more deeply with ourselves and from there with the world around us.

No matter what perspective we might be grappling with – whether it be awaiting a future that returns ‘back to normal – the way things were,’ or hoping for changes that make our world more equitable and sustainable, or fearing that democracy is on the brink of collapse and we’re heading into Orwellian times – we need to face Life with true courage. This is a capacity of the heart that becomes available when we step into Presence.

At this time, each of us is being called to wholeheartedly engage in unique ways that only our soul can instruct us on.

It is our souls that will give us the strength, courage and wisdom to show up fully and participate in this evolutionary unfoldment.

Yet, attuning to our soul’s guidance requires us to embark upon an inner adventure where we open to the fullness of who we are – an adventure of discovering what has been lost and buried so we may come into our wholeness. This critical journey, at this critical time, will bring new clarity – to perceive what’s happening with clear eyes and open hearts. And it is only in this way that we can move with wise action in all aspects of our lives.

Wishing our community wellness and peace during these turbulent times.

With Love,