PRESENCE: Accessing Deeper Intelligence by Ipek Serifsoy | wlc-global.com
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PRESENCE: Accessing Deeper Intelligence

These are exciting and critical times!

Exciting in the sense of heightened receptivity in the world to transformative work and contemplative practices such as mindfulness, yoga, somatics, and expressive arts. Yet the pressures are equally challenging: we are in a time of immense volatility and complexity, and many around the world are reacting with protective tendencies. While some of humanity is opening toward connectedness and response-ability, many are closing off toward one another and all of creation.

Simply put, we’re in the midst of a painful polarization!

At first glance, this might seem like a time to hunker down and take up arms – to become spiritual warriors and fight for the worldview of our choosing. At the Deep Coaching Institute (DCI), our intent is to be a bridge to a non-dualistic orientation. A view that naturally arises from Presence.

Coming into and operating from Presence adds transparency to our ego’s veil. It lets us glimpse a more intelligent and truer version of reality. In doing so, a quality of being gets unleashed that enables us to experience ourselves and our relationship to the world around us more fully and directly — free from the overlay of our stories, past emotional traumas, and other conceptual structures which hinder experiencing the beauty, fullness, and truth of fresh reality.

A foundational piece of our work in the WLC is dedicated to building the capacity for Presence in ourselves. This work involves activating, balancing, and engaging our three centers of intelligence: the still clear mind, the open warm heart, and the vital grounded body. It is when these centers are all awakened and aligned that we can practice true Presence.

by Ipek Serifsoy