Deep Coaching and the Agility Revolution by Ipek Serifsoy |
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Deep Coaching and the Agility Revolution

These days many of us – especially those who work in organizational settings – find our clients being asked to engage in radically different ways. Their organizations, resigned to being in a permanent state of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), are asking our clients to adopt an “agile mindset” as their organizations seek to become “agile organizations”.

This is a dramatic and exciting shift – one that requires consideration of the more nuanced and subtle dimensions of the human experience. Our clients are being asked to be more creative, transparent, attuned to what’s emerging, and extremely connected. To do this, our clients need to go below the surface of awareness because as neuroscience is repeatedly showing,

98% of what drives us is unconscious!

In many ways the Agility Revolution is great news! Those who embrace it have the potential to create humanized, dynamic and inspired workplaces while enabling organizations to thrive in unpredictable and rapidly changing environments. It supports a new management paradigm that values and supports our clients in being more creative, innovative, adaptive, and responsive – and also happier and healthier.

In WLC language we call this being more expansive and less constricted.

Moving toward expansion starts with embracing a growth mindset that is open to change. From here we can begin excavating and exposing deep invisible beliefs that cause us to remain in constrictive states. The Enneagram is a powerful map of consciousness we leverage for illuminating this inner territory and guiding us with customized strategies for liberating our truer more expansive selves.

This process is essentially about developing the capacity for Presence – a state we define as activating and balancing our three centers of intelligence. As we come into greater contact with our clear mind, open heart and body intelligence, we begin to untether from the ego, inner critic and other inner forces that keep us stuck in old patterns. We begin realizing that what the Agility Revolution requires from us already exists within — awaiting us to activate it. Our eyes open to new possibilities about how we can engage in more robust ways that are foreign and terrifying to our conditioned selves.

Looking at the current and future realities of the workplace, it’s clear that our work is more relevant than ever before. Becoming an awakened conscious leader is no longer just for those on a spiritual journey but plays an integral and imperative role in both one’s success and happiness. Additionally, a ripple effect then extends a positive impact to the lives of colleagues and families.

by Ipek Serifsoy