Closing Out the Year With Reverence by Ipek Serifsoy |
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Closing Out the Year With Reverence

In less than two weeks we will enter a New Year and a New Decade. While these final weeks of the year tend to be quite busy in both fun and stressful ways, it’s important to pause and acknowledge the poignancy of this moment before entering the threshold of 2020.

In the midst of holiday travel, parties, etc, may we find bits of solitude and reflection to be as nature intended during this time of year. May we connect with the parts of ourselves that long for the quiet dormancy of winter. In doing so, may we reflect on those experiences throughout the year that have brought us closer to our soul.

As the New Year’s Eve song Auld Lang Syne suggests, how can we remember old acquaintance? Taking this a step further,

Thus, an inclusive environment is one that is safe and encourages everyone to show up fully; an environment that provides courage for everyone to participate wholeheartedly.

It’s helpful to also look at the opposite of inclusion – exclusion – to gain further understanding. When we’re excluded, we’re dismissed – we’re not wanted, valued, appreciated, or cared about. In an extreme sense we’re ostracized.

how might we look at our experiences as ‘old friends’ that have shaped and molded us.

Some of these experiences might have been more welcomed than others, yet all have served to craft us into the unique being we are today.

Closing out the year with reverence entails simple contemplation on who we are today based on the experiences Life offered us during the past year (or past decade).

Here are some questions to ponder as we do a fly-over of our life in 2019:

  • What are those moments that sparkle and want to be remembered?
  • Which ones hold extra joy and delight?
  • Which ones were painful?
  • Which ones stretched us to think and act in new ways?
  • Which ones filled our heart and soul?

See you next month with thoughts about welcoming the New Year!

With immense gratitude and much love,