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MARY DILTS, Voice Specialist


(415) 717-3468

Mary Dilts is a professional actor, producer and vocal coach. Her career experience has inspired her passion for relational, creative and connected communication. She is committed to empowering others through the discovery and understanding of the power of their vocal expression.

Mary has worked for over 30 years in the Bay Area and globally as a spokesperson and trainer. She has represented Fortune 500 companies as well as high tech startups in all forms of media, including advertisement, sales, training and public speaking. Her list of clients includes Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Genentech, Wells Fargo and NASA. Her acting experience has included film roles, television appearances in dramatic and travel series, commercials, and voiceover work for tutorials, websites, text-to-speech and voicemail systems.

Working with Penguin Random House Audio, Mary directs Silicon Valley authors in the recording of their audiobooks. She is the creator of the BRAVE Speak Voice Enhancement Program and workshops, focused on developing successful communication through the art and skills of using your voice.

As leaders, women have a unique set of challenges when dealing with various levels of business relationships and forms of communication. In the workplace, the quality of your voice can be a deciding factor in your degree of successful connection. Every day, you depend on your voice to influence, persuade, manage, or inspire others. How you chose to use (or limit) your vocal instrument reveals much about your self-perceived strengths and weaknesses, most of which were learned from life experiences.

Supporting the goals and methodology of WLC, Mary continues the exploration of defining the voices of the Inner Critic as well as Inner Authority – creating deeper awareness and transformation from inner to outer voice. Working with your Enneagram profile to align your personality strengths with your vocal qualities, you can discover new understanding and strength in your journey of expression.