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LARA HELLER, Program Facilitator and Coach



Lara is an executive and life coach. Her clients span a broad range of industries including biotech, finance, government, technology and education. These men and women have started companies, are Vice Presidents at large software and hardware enterprises, run product lines, manage specialty services of large companies, and counsel employees and individuals. Many come to Lara to understand and fully engage their leadership capacities so they can better direct, lead counsel and teach the people managing their enterprises.

Lara’s coaching philosophy is steeped in the Enneagram – an ancient and profound tool for understanding human personality. She has been studying the insights and benefits of the Enneagram for over twenty years including a formal certification from the Deep Coaching Institute –an Enneagram-based advanced coach training school. Lara uses the Enneagram to help clients recognize and bring forth their fullest potential and as a result they are able to do so for those around them. Lara comfortably weaves spiritual exploration into all of her coaching engagements.

Lara’s background includes an undergraduate degree in psychology; a coaching certification from Deep Coaching Institute; a teaching certificate and several years as a teacher; personal development work including numerous workshops on coaching theory and practice; raising two children, and the most recent seven years as a full-time coach. In addition to coaching she also teaches small group Enneagram courses and an on-going course on deepening your life through the Enneagram. To learn more about Lara, click here.