Jill DePompei-Morales | wlc_global
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JILL DePOMPEI-MORALES, Organizational Intervention Specialist


(510) 631-9572

Jill is a seasoned coach, HR and organizational development professional. She is known for her utmost ability to build trust quickly and for gently disrupting the status quo. She achieves this by creating a safe space for her clients to cultivate their heart’s desire through curiosity and compassion. In addition to building out the organizational intervention specialty practice within WLC, she is dividing her time between a corporate role at a high tech/micro-transit growth company, where she is building the talent management framework, while also serving as a Life & Performance coach with college athletes during their athletic season. She has advanced training and certifications in a wide range of specialized Org Development, HR and behavioral assessment processes and has worked with clients in varied industries, organizations and professional levels.

Jill’s expertise is in counseling psychology, deep coaching and organization design- which gives her a unique approach to the field of coaching and leadership development in any ‘system.’ She successfully tailors and customizes her approach based on the needs of the organization and the client. Her most recent customized work consisted of an org intervention, achieved through a number of cross-functional, geographically dispersed women’s circles. The focus throughout the circles was to create a safe space for women in tech to find their voice, be heard and tell their story through authentic connection. This work promoted a social system which uncovered nuanced patterns of behavior which remain invisible when viewed through traditional lenses.  This forum gave women the language and opportunity to explore the impact of this behavior on their lives and in their career, while simultaneously creating a sharper focus on the corporate values and desire to build a learning culture.

Jill’s professional coaching experience ranges from large technical organizations to small start-up/growth companies to academia.

Jill holds a MA in Counseling Psychology and has certifications in Deep Coaching, performance-based leadership coaching, ICF (certification candidate) and Organization Design, in addition to many Korn Ferry products such as; TalentView of Leadership Transitions (“TLT”), TalentView of Leadership Performance (“TLP”) and the KF 360. She is a member of the International Enneagram Association, Conference Board, Leadership Development Council, as well as the Society for Human Resource Management.